Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Novels Read...slacker?

So, I didn't finish a short story a day for a year but damnit, I made it to August. That's a lot of short stories but still, I feel like a bit of a failure. Nonetheless, as I start the New Year, I am ready to begin anew. So, here is the list of novels I read in 2012 to perhaps convince you that, while I didn't read a short story a day as I'd hoped, I wasn't such a slacker after all.

1. Hummingbird House- Patricia Henley
2. A Visit from the Goon Squad-Jennifer Egan
3. On Chesil Beach-Ian McEwan
4. The Flute Player-DM Thomas
5. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet-Jamie Ford
6. The Dylanist-Brian Morton
7. Boomerang- Barry Hannah
8. The Hunger Games-Suzanne Collins
9. Fifty Shades of Grey- E.L. James
10. Ray-Barry Hannah
11. In One Person-John Irving
12. Fifty Shades Darker-E.L. James
13. Fay-Larry Brown
14. City of the Mind-Penelope Lively
15. Story of the Eye- George Bataille
16. Tristessa-Jack Kerouac
17. Monkeys-Susan Minot
18. Nemesis-Philip Roth
19. Chronicle of a Death Foretold-Gabriel Garcia Marquez
20. Catching Fire-Suzanne Collins
21. Eating Pavlova-DM Thomas

Cheers! Now, on to this year's reading!

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