Sunday, August 2, 2015

Review: "Where Will You Go When Your Skin Cannot Contain You?" by William Gay

A meth head struggles with managing the disappointments in his life, some caused by the drug use, some that preceded it.  There are the places in town where he is no longer welcome.  There are his run ins with law enforcement.  Finally, there's his ex-girlfriend who, after being abused by her new boyfriend, winds up dead, shot in the face at close range, only to have a closed casket funeral, just one more way that in a sick turn of events, Jeepster, the main character, is shielded from the damage precipitated by his choices.

This story is one rich in images you can't soon forget:

"rat tunneling in secret trespass through the upholstery"

"the click of forks and knives, the quickstep rubber-soled waitresses sliding china across Formica"

"a black spotted salamander crouched on its delicate rot feet and watched him with eyes like bits of obsidian"

This one gets a definite HELL YEAH from me on the recommendation front.  So much is right about the writing for so much to be wrong about its detailed predicaments.

Here's a link to the short story online for your reading pleasure:

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