Tuesday, August 10, 2010

folding pages

I'm a page folder, or so I've decided. I'm not sure if that is something to be proud of or if it is rather a sign of some part of me that likes to hold onto things. I always think I'll go back and look at the page and some paragraph or sentence that caught my attention but I often don't do it. Yet, somehow, the folding of that page earmarks for me, in my memory, as something that IF I wanted to look it up later I could. That is comforting in its own way. It's like leaving little reminders for myself and going back, when I do it, is always entertainig.

I think to myself, why did I mark this? What about my life at that point in time made me want to remember this? Sometimes, if I've only folded down a page, I have to study the page itself to remember what words really mattered to me. It's always odd for me to get stumped by myself. But it happens. I don't always remember the why...but it still feels good to know that there was a reason...once upon a time.

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