Thursday, September 9, 2010

the nemesis that is progress

So, like everything in life from raising children to growing out your hair to deciding to buy a house or a car, the progress that is "perceived" by others upon observing these things does not in any way convey the rough start, the more trying middle, and the near collapse before the polished final result

It's the same way with writing

I am a better writer now but it is hard that at the end of the day I am becoming more and more proud of, but work that in no way reveals to the reader how difficult it was for me to imagine a scene and construct a sentence that would convey the scene in an interesting and hopefully original way

The end result is one thing...and it's something I am still working at

Right now, I'm stuck somewhere between trying and failing, smack dab in the middle I think. It's where the runner in me kicks in and says finish, even if it leaves you tired and wondering what you were thinking by taking on the extra distance after all.
Finish and then be proud that you are done, regardless of the time.

So, I'm working on it and inside, I'm hoping that all the steep inclines are behind me...I'd prefer to finish with a long downhill stride, to end strong. I just hope my metaphorical shoes don't come untied and trip me up.

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