Wednesday, March 30, 2011

words in, words out

Well, I've been reading so, I thought I should post a list to keep track as I've not hit the end of month three for the year. Mostly, I'm curious to see how WHAT I'm reading will shape WHAT I write this year. So far, I'm certain there is a correlation. My reading this year is as follows:

1. The Humbling- Philip Roth
2. The Easter Parade- Richard Yates
3. Blood Kin- Ceridwen Dovey
4. The Moviegoer-Walker Percy
5. They Whisper-Robert Olen Butler

Next on my list is a D.M. Thomas book that I found at a local used bookstore. It's titled, "Lying Together" and the reason I bought the novel, aside from the $4 price tag, was that the author, according to the jacket of the book, has translated the poetry of several Russian poets, including Yevgeny Yevtushenko (my favorite Russian poet since college) and wrote a nonfiction piece on another interesting writer, Alexander Solzhenitsyn. For that reason, my next read will be from Cornish novelist DM Thomas. I'm excited to try something new before I head back to Roth and Butler again because yes, I will be going back to them very soon.

Then, it will be back to writing but I'm rather looking forward to my little reading sabbatical.

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