Monday, February 13, 2012

Day Forty-Four: "What the Sky Sees" by Jon McGregor


This story about a man who makes a mistake and spends his adult life trying to hide it, is at once lyrical and brutal and twisted in the way the language soothes the reader into thinking, like the man, that his situation will all turn out okay.

Interestingly, a good bit of this story is spent in reference to the sky itself, its colors and shapes, yet it doesn't feel overdone. The sky at dusk in one place is described as the color of a "freshly forming bruise" which I thought was perfect. This sort of detail is what makes the story compelling and keeps the reader reading.

Ultimately, it's a story about mistakes. Everyone makes them. It's what we make out of them that matters. Nice job by a writer I'd not read before. I'd definitely read more.

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