Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day Thirty-Two: "American Desire" by James (Jedd) McFatter


This short story is just that, short, but don't let its brevity fool you. There is more meaning packed into these six paragraphs than in many longer short stories, than in some novels even. Line by line, this story deserves to be analyzed and then read again just to feel it, to appreciate the pace of it.

This author is my brother but that matters not. What matters is that the words he put on the page, words about needs, some basic and some complex, resonate.

"I need a kickstart and a kickstand and a swift kick in the pants."

Say that aloud a few times and you'll see why this piece works. It's how the sentences fit that make it smart. It's the choice to put them in their respective places that make it brilliant.

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J.E. McFatter said...

Whoa! This American is needy!