Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day Thirty-One: "In the Night" by Jamaica Kincaid


This is as beautifully written as anything I've read lately and I read it out loud from start to finish. I get the feeling that this story MUST be read that way in order for the reader to experience this story about a young girl dreaming of what it will be like grow up and be loved by a woman , to escape from the "night" and its noises.

The opening sets the tone and definitely worth including here:

"In the night, way into the middle of the night, when the night isn't divided like a sweet drink into little sips, when there is no just before midnight, or just after midnight, when the night is round in some places, flat in some places, and in some places like a deep hole, blue at the edge, black inside, the night-soil men come."

I'm not sure I can wait to read the remainder of her short stories in this collection titled "At the Bottom of the River." I may have to devote a week to her during this 2012 reading project. What a powerful voice!

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