Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day Fourteen: "The Cures for Love" by Charles Baxter


This story is about a young woman who is getting over a breakup and using her study of Ovid's "The Remedies for Love" to do that. Baxter, as always, uses vivid details to bring this story to life. From the young woman's thought provoking bath to her ride along a city bus and her people-watching in an airport, this story is, start to finish, classic Charles Baxter and it includes quotable phrase after quotable phrase which makes the piece more than simply memorable.

"You should witness the high visibility of joy. You should believe."

"Funny how books put themselves into your hands when they wanted you to read them."

"I can remember you. I just can't do it in front of you."

I could go on and on...and I may read this story a time or two more just to absorb it all. As expected, this story delivered a touching look at the state of love on the proverbial rocks. This is one of those stories that put itself into my hands. I needed to read this!

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