Monday, January 16, 2012

Day Sixteen: "Red Lily" by Patricia Henley


Patricia Henley breaks my heart with this story. A young girl caught up in a fantasy of a man who doesn't deserve her but on whom she bestows her attention, her longing, her devotion nonetheless. There are religious undertones to this story that only serve to magnify the overtone of martyrdom. Jenny openly and knowingly accepts the punishment that is loving Eddie Fox. She does this and it's hard to watch but for a woman, it's easy to understand.

I loved the image of the red lily, the special flower that she offered up to Eddie as a sign of all of her emotions. That he didn't want to find a vase to put it in was the perfect depiction of this sort of man, this stereotypical sort of man who doesn't understand what he is doing to the women he manipulates and baits.

This story is a look into how even the shredding of a woman's heart can result in a whole again. There's repentance. There's forgiveness. There's hope.

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