Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day Five: "The Angel is My Watermark" by Henry Miller


This short story is actually more of a nonfiction-esque look at the author's fixation on painting that occurred later his in literary career. And while autobiographical, parts of the piece read like fiction, a work on fire with the kind of voice that Miller is known for. It's boisterous with an undertone of accusation of his fellow artists and their abandonment of the idea of art for art's sake.

Miller describes his love of painting, watercolor painting specifically, and when he says "We don't have to turn out a masterpiece every day. To paint is the thing, not to make masterpieces" the reader is to accept this without further consideration. Miller's approach is matter of fact and ultimately very convincing.

Like painting, the point is to create art, to experience the process and to learn to love it, learn to LIVE it. This was a nice read for me at this point in my writing life. If I can do what Miller says and realize that "no one can be paid to give of his joy, it's always freely given," I can continue to write and for the sheer overwheling desire inside of me to share.

I share, therefore I am.

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