Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day Seven: "Epstein" by Philip Roth


In this short story, Lou Epstein asking the question "when did the trouble begin?" and in classic Roth style, the answer is offered with humor and with the irony that accompanies any man's journey into self-reflection. Caught up in an affair with his neighbor, Epstein longs to return to the life he sees in his houseguest, his 22 year old nephew who is on military leave and having the time of his life. This story reads like a man searching for the time of his life only to realize his wife has already given it to him.

This story was part of Roth's award-winning collection of short stories titled "Goodbye, Columbus" and I'm glad I read it and can add it to my Roth reading history. It was a fitting way to end week one of my daily short story reading.

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