Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day Ninety-Nine: "Grief" by Anton Chekhov

Too Late.

A man, after 40 years of marriage, finally decides to show his wife some attention and takes off on a trek to find her medical treatment. But he ventures out into the snow, into the dark, and he only thinks about his horse once he's on his way, the way the cold hits him in the face, the way the horse struggles to walk as the ground beneath them thickens with heavy flakes.

As the story concludes, the man realizes his wife has frozen to death and he is struck by the irony of losing her at a time when he finally cared enough NOT to lose her. While this story was a tad difficult to get into, by its end I felt myself spiralling out of control with the narrator and also felt that sometimes, it's all just a little bit too little...too late.

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Anonymous said...

Remember also that he only started the trip to the doctor with his wife in order to have the physician return her to her martyr-like state (which had served him well). Regret came later. . .