Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week Seventeen Short Story Selections

Day One Hundred-Thirteen: "Little Nightmares, Little Dreams" by Rachel Simon
Day One Hundred-Fourteen: "Petty Thief" by A Yi
Day One Hundred-Fifteen: "Out of the Tombs" by Madison Smartt Bell
Day One Hundred-Sixteen: "The Manhattan Phonebook (Abridged)" by John Varley
Day One Hundred-Seventeen: "Runs Girl" by Chinelo Okparanta
Day One Hundred-Eighteen: "Peeling" by Nathan Holic
Day One Hundred-Nineteen: "Excerpt from Echolation" by Myfawny Collins

This week, I'm hitting on a Chinese writer, A Yi, and a Nigerian writer, Chinelo Okparanta, to supplement my reading... should be interesting.

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