Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day One Hundred Nine: "Theodore and the Blue Danube" by Ludwig Bemelmans

Identity. A waiter decides to change his life, saves us money, and leaves his lonely apartment one day a new man, a man with an identity that has been restructured by a simple stroke of the pen. He signs a guestbook as "Director" and all of a sudden, it's as if his life has been transformed. People treat him differently, with more respect, all because of the title he has bestowed upon himself. By story's end, he has taken the title to heart. He owns it, is living his life by it with all of the extravagances he imagined that life would entail.

This was an interesting story and it was really well written with lots of interesting details. Coming from 1936, I was amazed at how forward it was, the actual story and the writing. I enjoyed this far more than I anticipated.

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