Monday, July 9, 2012

Day One Hundred Ninety-One: "I Bought Twelve Pair of Socks at a Swap Meet in Tuscon" by Michael Frissore


This story was NOT what I expected and I'm sad to say, ultimately, it didn't work for me. It may be a taste thing but this was just too over the top for me. Two guys are sort of minor outlaws and are on the run out on the road when one guy gets mauled by coyotes and the friend simply regroups in a Jack-in-the-Box restaurant and then approaches a swap meet and talks to a girl where she is selling WWII memorabilia when he spots a T-rex charging at him.

Now, maybe this is a story trenched in some sort of symbolism that I'm not seeing. Or, maybe this narrator is high on drugs when telling the story. Regardless of the explanation if there even is one, I just couldn't get into it and that is pretty bad considering how short the piece was.

For anyone who wants to read it and challenge my review, please do so. The link to the story online is here:

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