Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day Two Hundred-Seven:"Shiftless Little Loafers" by Susan Orlean


A woman ponders why infants do not have jobs and the result is a story that is both strange and on the verge of silliness yet, oddly profound. Work is what we make of it. Kids understand this. That is why they avoid it and why we envy what may otherwise seem like laziness and snobbery among babies being pushed around in strollers with everyone catering to their needs.

That is what we, as adults want. It is not really all that hard to imagine but we simply don't want to acknowledge it. After all, a grown up without a job is a slacker, immature, unable to contribute.

This story, while humorous and almost absurd, points out in a subtle way that we take ourselves and our careers way too seriously. We should all spend more time just "relaxing"...taking it all in when we can at the expense of the rest of them.

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