Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day Two Hundred-Six: "The Question of a Feather" by Robert Frost


An expert on hens answers a letter written to him by a woman who breeds Minorca hens and pays her a visit. Little does he know that he will be confronted with an ethical dilemma. A hen bred to show has a feather on her leg and the breeder at the poultry farm asks for his advice.

He declines to answer but implies that the hen should be left as is, that while the temptation is there to make it "right"...and the fault is "so remediable" he still nudges the woman toward leaving the feather in place even when plucking it would change everything.

I thought this was a brilliant story and I could reread it over and over again. I'm very impressed by hit particularly since I didn't know that Frost wrote short stories. This alone has made my reading project worth it. Nice job.

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