Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day Two Hundred-One: "Cloud" by Andrew Sullivan


A young boy and his friend battle the starlings that have taken over their town. "Shit" is everywhere and it's keeping people in their homes. Only these two kids are willing to fight to get rid of the "shit" while everyone else either runs away or makes plans to.

This was a literal story about friendship and overcoming the serious challenges presented by a swarm of birds that have terrorized a community and the challenge inserted into this friendship by one boy's mom's decision to abandon the problem rather than facing it. Metaphorically of course, this story says much more.

The longer you take to deal with the shit that is out there, it will only get deeper and stinkier and harder to get rid of. Those who try to deal with it are going to get nasty and they will be few and far between. Still...the idea is that one can only take so much "shit."

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