Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day Eighty: "The Field of Blue Children" by Tennessee Williams


A young college student can't commit to a relationship and instead dates frat boy after frat boy until she meets Homer, a young poet at her college. He writes poetry that only she understands or either she is the only person he feels comfortable with his poetry. Either way, he takes her to a field of blue flowers...the "blue children" as referenced in the title. She comes alive there, finds herself with him but quickly, soon after, she leaves Homer, tells him she is marrying someone else.

However, as the story concludes, the reader finds her driving out into the night in search of this field of blue flowers. She left a note for her husband and even she doesn't know why she is doing it.

This was a great story and was Williams' first short story. I'm glad I found it for inclusion in my blog! Memorable for sure!

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