Monday, March 26, 2012

Day Eighty-Six: "Water Liars" by Barry Hannah



A man heads off to a fishing camp with a buddy to get away from his newfound jealousy over his wife's history with former lovers. He doesn't understand himself, why he's so hurt, but he heads off anyway. On the pier, he and his friend meet up with some other fisherman and they sit around and drink, telling stories from their past, a true scene of "bullshitting" among southern men, business men who want to feel country for just a while, country...again.

Then, as the story concludes, one man tells a story that is shocking to the rest of the bunch and that he told the story at all is what is most shocking. There's no shame in it. There's only hurt, a humiliation he still can't shake after more than 20 years. The truth of his story though turns the fishing trip into a trip of reflection, into a bonding of kindred spirits, all of them searching for answers to something but only the remaining three men willing to tackle the possibility of the truth.

GREAT GREAT story...wonderful voice. I'd read more of this author for sure!

(a link to the story online is here: )

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