Monday, March 12, 2012

Looking Ahead

So...Monday April 9, 2012 will be Day 100 in my short story a day for 2012 reading. I'm debating on what to choose for that day and it's really the only short story so far that I'm putting this much forethought into. To be where I am in the year, I'm proud that I've continued in my efforts and delighted that I haven't grown bored with the project. On the contrary, I'm loving it and am excited week by week when I make my story selections to experience something new, someone new, to get a little taste of what Sartre referred to as "loaded pistols" when I read the words on the page that could have just as easily been written for me alone as for the reading population as a whole.

I'll keep thinking on this as the coming weeks tick away but I'm always open to suggestions. I just know that I have to do the 100th day justice. I may even surprise myself!

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