Friday, March 23, 2012

Day Eighty-Three: "Three Hearts" by Deborah Joy Corey


A mother awakens on a snowy morning sickened by her lost son, the one who hasn't come home after a night out drinking. She neglects her two younger children, a boy and a girl and when she takes sleeping pills and decides to take a nap and sleep off her frustration and depression over the oldest son's disappointing choices, she sends her young kids off into the morning snow to play. Their dad is at work, working a snow plow and little do they know that the day is about to go wrong.

The children get lost in the snow as the day continues and the sky lets loose dropping thick flakes into the sky and onto the ground, burying them even moreso as their father passes by without seeing them and dumps enough snow onto them to cover the brother. He's lost. The sister goes for help. Luckily, the mom makes it in time. Luckily.

Even so, this story is the perfect example of how sometimes you get a second chance even if undeserved. But it is also a can only get so lucky so many times. Mistakes are always teetering on the edge of devastation, waiting to end it all.

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