Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day One Hundred Fifty: "A Last Fling, Like" by Richard Yates


A young girl returns from Paris after taking one last trip before her marriage and shares her exploits with a girlfriend over coffee. This story was a combination of testing the limits of what women were allowed to do in terms of "finding themselves" particularly in relation to what was expected or allowed of men, and also, it was a great exercise in voice. The entire story was told in monologue, the narrator the only one speaking. There is clearly another woman in the story but the woman is silent and the reader is left to imagine or cringe at what the woman must be thinking. I quite like how Yates put these two women in the story and made me equally as interested in both despite never hearing from one of them.

As I suspected, I wasn't disappointed in Yates with this short story. I'd read more.

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