Friday, May 18, 2012

Day One Hundred Thirty-Nine: "The True Story of Fresh Springs" by Gretchen McCullough


Two women are murdered in a town ironically named Fresh Springs and the search for the murderer results in an outlandish tale that is unbelievable while at the same time strangely convincing. The suspect is labeled "Superboy" and he is an instant celebrity in the community. As is the case in many murders, the killer is idolized and the girls who were killed have names that are soon forgotten. The small town gets caught up in the drama but because of the way the story is written, it's hard to discern what is actually happening and what is exaggeration. Perhaps this is an example of an unreliable narrator. Even so, the story worked for me and I could read this author over and over and over again.

The story can be found online here:

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