Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day One Hundred Fifty-Two: "You Don't Defriend Them" by Jeanne Holtzman


This story shows us a woman who is monitoring her ex-lover's facebook page. She sees when his profile pic changes, notes how he seems to have changed too. The simple way in which the reader sees the narrator react to the appearance of "gummi bears" on her ex-lovers Facebook page is enough to make this story worth the read. But the ultimate conclusion of course, that you don't dare "defriend" him...well, it's brilliant. This was such a unique read and extremely relevant in today's social media crazed environment.

And talk about the hurt. Every reader has felt this...THIS! What a surprise of a story.

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hippiechick said...

Just found this kind post about my story. So glad you liked and thank you so much for including it in your blog!!