Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day One Hundred Thirty: "Herman Wouk is Alive" by Stephen King


Two stories literally collide in an automobile collision between a depressed woman,her friend and their 7 children and two aging poets on their way to a reading. The reader sees the desperation and hopelessness in the minivan as the two women talk about their lives back home, the jobs and men they've lost, the worry over how their futures and their kids will work out and this image stands in stark contrast to the renewed hope of the two poets who, at an old age, have found each other again and are strangely happy, a bittersweet reunion complete with roadside picnics and reading to each other in the car as they travel.

The writing was great and the story was beautiful and ironic and cruel. Crafted perfectly to make these two worlds converge, King creates a memorable story about how you never know what is waiting around the corner but you always know that something has to be coming!

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