Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day One Hundred Thirty-One: "Minotaurs on Holiday" by Paul Mihas

Florentina, a young woman who'd grown up in Buenos Aires, tells the story of her son finding and taking up with a stray dog. There's been a crime in the community, a drag queen murdered and left to die, and that story weighs on Florentina. The subtle comparison between the two people is woven throughout the story.

At the beginning, there is the following line which serves as a sort of overview of what this story is about at is center:

"Florentina was a woman who lived in lowercase letters. The drag queen had managed to die in all caps."

I thought that line was great and it made me interested in the rest of the story and to see HOW the author would tell it. The way he turned his phrases was perfect and insightful. I really enjoyed this story.

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