Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day One Hundred Thirty-Six: "Long Walk to Forever" by Kurt Vonnegut

Last Chances.

A young soldier returns home, goes AWOL in order to tell the girl he loves that he wants to marry her, to prevent her from marrying someone else. At one point in the story, the reader worries that the happy ending won't happen, that the stunt pulled by this young GI won't amount to more than just some embarrassment for him but by the end, we as the readers are cheering and happy and encouraged by a sense that somehow, somewhere, there are people willing to take these kinds of chances for what they want. Love matters. It's worth a shot. You can't quit!

Nice job and a Vonnegut surprise if I do say so, particularly as it relates to the topic. Still, well done and readable.

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