Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day One Hundred Thirty-Three: "The Beautiful, Beautiful Heron" by Gayetni


A young boy becomes infatuated with the thought of owning a heron. The only way he can get one is to trade 10 cigarettes for it. To get the 10 cigarettes, he must steal. There is a brief moment in the story where he is presented with a moral dilemma but he chooses to steal. He gets the bird, and strangely, by story's end, he is forgiven and the theft is forgotten. His reward-the bird without consequences. The lesson in all of this or perhaps, the warning?

You may get away with it once but you can't expect forgiveness twice. Overall, this story read like a parable but I didn't find it convincing or persuasive. It would have been more effective in my opinion had there been some sort of punishment for theft, even if slight. Even so, it was an easy to read story and that has merit on its own.

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