Friday, May 4, 2012

Day One Hundred Twenty-Five: "Losses" by Libby Schmais


A young girl finds herself at dinner with a married man. The conversation is simple, he doesn't love her. He wants her to know that. He tells her to make it clear, to make it clear to himself mostly it seems but still, she is there and alone at the table in his presence and her night only gets worse. She discovers her wallet is missing. She goes with the man to his apartment and finds she still wants to be with him even though he doesn't want her. She doesn't understand how she feels even though she rationally knows what she should do, how she should handle it all. But it's too much, she is overwhelmed. She stays and they hug and it is enough...sadly.

I read this story as one of a girl on the verge of a mistake. She's teetering and is about to topple when the story ends. If I had to guess, I'd say she will fall. The losses otherwise are empty because without the actual experience, what is there after all to miss?

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