Monday, May 28, 2012

Day One Hundred Forty-Nine: "And the Greatest of These" by Louis Gallo

Loyalty. Selflessness.

An apparent homeless man shows up on the doorstep of a man's house but it turns out, the homeless guy is the man's wife's uncle. The story then becomes an observation by the reader of how the man takes in his wife's family, how he nurtures him despite clearly not wanting to. He wants his freedom and time alone with his wife but it's family. Blood. There is a reference to blood several times that reiterates this point. Ultimately, the story concludes with the husband and wife deciding that the uncle needs to go but then, there's a storm and the uncle is scared. They all three pile into one bed and everything is made better. The world, the night, is okay for a change. There is hope after all.

WHAT A WONDERFUL READ!!! I'm thrilled to have discovered this author. The description, the flow, the general atmospher of this story could not have been more real. Loved it!

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