Friday, May 11, 2012

Day One Hundred Thirty-Two: "Anxious" by Susan M. Gilbert-Collins


A girl calls her aunt on a weekly basis to discuss her anxiety issues, most of which are centered around the various ways she worries her family will die. Carbon monoxide poisoning, riding lawn mower accidents, lightning strikes, all of these are constant worries for this young teen and her aunt is the only one who can smoothe it over...until the little girl starts going to church and learns to pray. She begins praying to God, thanking him every time one of these terrible disasters does not befall her family. However, her method gets tested in a way that she nor her family imagined when her aunt, the one she confides in, winds up with cancer.

In a story that is compelling and well written, the question of what is FAITH and whether that can be sustained in the face of the actual tragedy instead of the anticipated one at its center. Overall, I enjoyed this story and the voice used. Nice job!

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